Professor Stadler


Our Research Focus

Our research focuses primarily on the integration of magnetic and optical materials with standard platforms to allow the development of practical devices and systems.  In photonics, this includes the integration of magnets, magneto-optical garnets waveguides, and nanostructures for magnetophotonic crystals with semiconductor platforms for isolator and sensor applications.  In magnetics, we are working on magnetic nanowires for magnetoelectronics (including hard drive heads) and acoustic sensor applications.

Recent News

November 22, 2017

Karthik and Joseph Birthday

November 20, 2017

Prof. Beth Stadler and PhD students Daniel Shore and Karthik Srinivasan attended the MMM 2017 at Pittsburgh, PA from 11/6/2017-11/10/2017. A total of 3 talks were given by the group, Prof. Stadler and Karthik spoke on Si-integration of nonreciprocal (magnetic) optical materials and Daniel spoke about magnetic biomarkers for hyperthermia and MRI contrast. Furthermore, Prof. Stadler also chaired the session on Biomagnetic Applications and visited the Carnegie Mellon University.

November 20, 2017

Stadler Research Group at MMM 2017, Pittsburgh, PA.