Courses Offered

Graduate Teaching

EE5163: Semiconductor Properties and Devices I

EE5657:  Principles of Thin Film Technology

EE5181:  Introducation to Nanotechnology

EE5940:  Materials and Devices at the Nano and Microsale

EE8940:  Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Mateirals and Circuits for Future Nonvolatile Memory

NPSE8001:  Introduction to Nanoparticle Science and Engineering


Undergraduate Teaching

EE2001:  Introduction to Circutis and Electronics

EE2002:  Circuits Laboratory

CSE1001/CS1002:  Freshman Seminar, inlcuding tour in Germany/Belgium

EE2001:  Introduction to Circuits and Electronics

EE3161:  Semiconductor Devices

EE4951W:  Senior Design Coordinator

EE4951W:  Senior Design Advisor