Doctoral Degrees Advised

Xioyuan Qi (PhD - ECE, November 2006):  Integrated optical devices for telecommunications

Sang-Yeob Sung (PhD - ECE, March 2008):  Integrating magneto-optical garnet isolators on semiconductor substrates

Ratnanjali Khandwal (PhD - ECE, March 2008):  Analysis of one-dimensional and two-dimensional photonnic band gap structures designed with PMNT a low index dielectric material and applications to optical communication 

Patrick McGary (PhD - ECE, July 2008):  Electrochmeically synthesized magnetic nanowire heterostructures and arrays for acoustic sensing

Liwen Tan (PhD - CEMS, December 2008):  Templated synthesis of magnetic nanowires by electrochemical deposition

Xiaobo Huang (PhD - ECE, January 2011):  Constricted current perpendicular to plane (CPP) magnetic senor via electroplating

Madhukar Reddy (PhD - CEMS, March 2012):  Controlled electrochemical synthesis of giant magnetostrictive iron-gallium alloy thin films and nanowires

Mazin Maqableh (PhD - ECE, July 2013):  Magnetic multilayered nanowires by electrodeposition for spintronic applications

Eliot Estrine (PhD - ECE, March 2015): Development and Characterization of Magnetostrictive GaFe and Plasmonic Gold Thin Films

Anirudh Sharma (PhD - ECE, August 2015) Multi-segmented magnetic nanowires as multifunctional theranostic tools in nanomedicine applications

Andrew Block (PhD- ECE, November 2015) Functional oxides for integrated photonics: magneto-optical isolators and electro-optical modulators

Lauren Mackenzie Otto (PhD - ECE, May 2017) Engineering Materials and Characterization Methods for Mass-Produced Plasmonic Devices

Prabesh Dulal (PhD - CEMS, August 2017) Development and Characterization of Novel Garnet and Gold Thin Films for Photonic and Plasmonic Applications

Daniel Shore (PhD - CEMS, July 2018) Magnetic Nanowires for MRI Contrast, Cell Separation, Remote Magnetic Heating, and Collagen Hydrogels

Thomas E. Gage (PhD - CEMS, October 2018) Probing the Crystallization Process and Morphology of Thin Films of Yttrium Iron Garnet on Non-garnet Substrates with in situ TEM Methods

Matthew Hein (PhD - ECE, December 2019) Electrochemical Deposition of Magnetics Based Sensors

Masters Degrees Advised

Suzanne Pieski (MSEE, December 2000)

Saurabh Pandit (MSEE, May 2001)

Sang-Yeob Sung (MSEE, August 2003)

Xiaoyuan Qi (MSEE, March 2004)

Ryan Cobian (MSEE, May 2004)

Neal Speetzen (MSEE, May 2005)

Patrick McGary (MSEE, January 2006)

Iwen Tan (MSEE, May 2006)

Xiaobo Huang (MSEE, May 2007)

Rajneeta Basantkumar (MSEE, January 2008)

Mazin Maqablah (MSEE, October 2009)

Vladimir Makarov (MSEE, January 2010)

Anirudh Sharma (MSEE, March 2011)

Postdoctoral Associates Advised

Mariza Cruz Rivera (2001)

Samir Mondal (2003-2005)

Dr. Emine Guneri (2014, 2015)

Sun Sook Lee (2004-2005)

Dr. Zohreh Nemati Porshokouh (2017-2019)


Graduate International Visitors

Svenja Baessle (2012)

Anna Niemann (2015)

Carolina Vargas (2015)